Friday, 12 February 2010


This project was a one day project. We were given the brief, and we had to choose a theme from a list as a starting point. I think our starting point was ' mad drawing or mark making device.'
We talked about the idea of a catapult firing paint as a mark making device. We liked the idea of this as it would be quite random and fit in with the 'HAPPY ACCIDENT' theme. We then started talking about 'painting by numbers,' and how the precision of the 'painting by numbers' was the total opposite to the catapult idea. We then arrived at the idea of dropping paint from above out of balloons. We wanted a blank canvas for the paint to fall onto, but for the objects to be randomly (accidentally) covered in paint.
There should be a video to this, but some retard didn't push the record button.
Objects pre-paint

Dropping the paint

Our paint masks

We were all very pleased with this one day project despite the video recording going wrong. I think we will re-do it, but with better execution and some tweaks.